Ark Books

We opened our shop in 2014. For the Danes we’d like to provide the world’s literature, and introduce Danish literature to those who can’t read Danish.

Most of our books are in English, but we also have books in German, French, and Spanish. We care about translation, and we sometimes carry different translations of the same book.

We try to bring known and unknown literature from as close and far around the world as possible.

ark books is a nonprofit bookshop. What we make goes to covering the rent, buying new books, making events, and keeping prices low. Everyone who keeps the shop open is a volunteer. We are a forening, an open and democratic association run by a board elected by our own members.

ark books is a community bookshop that aims to be as inclusive a space as possible, where everyone can come and read and talk about books. There’s always free instant coffee and tea and you will be very welcome.