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Center for Konfliktløsning

Center for Konfliktløsning er en non-profit NGO, der siden 1994 har arbejdet for fredelig konfliktløsning


Centret er stiftet i 1994 på initiativ af blandt andet Else Hammerich. Som en del af deres 25 års jubilæum har Center for Konfliktløsning været med til at tage initiativ til 1000Drawings Copenhagen for at hylde alternative måder at kæmpe for fredelig konfliktløsning og kontakt mellem mennesker.

Foreningen Center for Konfliktløsning, CfK, er en medlemsforening (NGO), der danner ramme om forskellige frivillige netværk, og som også driver en professionel non-profit virksomhed, med det fælles formål at fremme fredelig konfliktløsning.

Virksomheden tilbyder kurser, facilitering og konfliktmægling.

Læs mere om centret her.



The Danish Centre for Conflict Resolution is a non-profit and non-governmental organization founded in 1994 on the initiative of Ms. Else Hammerich, a former member of the European Parliament.

The centre has since then been a forum for courses, educations, counseling and projects on and about conflict resolution and mediation.

They provide courses, offer counseling and provide tailor-made solutions for companies, institutions and private individuals.

The centre is one of the initiators behind 1000Drawings Copenhagen as part of their 25th anniversary this year. They want to celebrate and highlight alternaive forms of non violent conflict resolution.

The expressed purpose of the centre is to spread knowledge of peaceful conflict resolution nationally as well as internationally and to ensure that individuals and organizations are qualified to deal with conflicts in a sensible manner.

In addition to these paid trainers/consultants there is a network of varying size of volunteer conflict advisors.